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Name: Mischa Brooks
Age: 21
From: Utah

TheStory: Since the college where Tony works and gets girls from is on summer break, Tony has had a bit of a dry spell. Luckily for him though, his assistant regularly searches the modeling websites for girls looking to do nude modeling. Last week, she emailed a local girl and asked if she would be interested in doing a nude photo shoot. At first the girl, Mischa, hesitated but when Tony's assistant called to see if she would reconsider, Mischa changed her mind when she realized that Tony's assistant was a female and that she would be present during the photo shoot.

During the photo shoot, Tony found out that Mischa is originally from Utah and that she always wanted to live out the California beach bunny lifestyle. She loves tanning and hangs out at the beach whenever possible; Mischa sees nude modeling as just part of the lifestyle. Maybe the whole lifestyle revolves around showing her body as much as possible and from the pictures, I can tell she has a great ass and loves to show it off.

Tony was reviewing all the pictures he had taken when he noticed that Mischa had only put on panties and a robe but hadn’t bothered to tie up the front while waiting for him. He grabbed the video camera and asked if she wouldn’t mind doing a short interview and one thing led to another and soon Tony was giving pleasure to Mischa with his tongue. Going further, Tony and Mischa started fucking and since she didn’t ask him to wear a condom, Tony figured that when it came to shoot his load, he would be shooting it deep inside her. Sure enough after about 40 minutes Tony delivered a large creampie into Mischa and then only then did he think about asking if it was OK. Mischa seemed to enjoy have cum pumped into her so I think she was OK with it.

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