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Name: Mindy Lynn
Age: 19
From: Pasadena, California

The Story:Mindy Lynn is an adorable girl I found on the internet. Now days, the internet is so vast that one no longer has to work as hard as before to find beautiful girls who are open minded. Just couple of clicks, a decent pitch, and that's pretty much it. And of course it helps that there are lots of beautiful girls on the site already, so they know they will be in good company (over 400 hundred hot girls on this site already!).

Anyway, I first had her meet my lucky friend Tony to do a shoot for my solo site. And that went very well and after talking to her some more on the phone, I told her maybe she could try being on this site too. She told me she was a bit scared of getting pregnant and the std's and what not. But I was able to calm her fears. Also the fact that she liked Tony helped a lot too. So few days after the video, they met again and the lucky fucker got to creampie this beautiful girl.. and again, painful for me to watch and before part of this as a distant observer. But I promise myself I would be disciplined about this.

So Tony invited her over around dinner time and he fucked her until early morning apparently. The video was just the first part of them fucking. They kept on fucking and fucking. He told me afterwards that he came inside her 3 different times that night.. lucky fucker indeed!!


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