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Name: Mimi Craven
Age: 20
From: Orange County, CA

TheStory: As some of you may remember, five weeks ago, Tony had some fun and planted his seed in a girl named Corie Craven. Well what we didn’t know was that Corie has a fraternal twin sister named Mimi. Mimi is also 18, soon to be 19, and after finding out how things went between her sister and Tony, she contacted him to have the same fun as her twin sister did. At first, Tony didn’t believe they were twin sister but he set up a date anyways since it didn’t really matter to him; bare-backing and filling up 18 year-olds is fun whether or not they girls are sisters.
When the day arrived and Mimi showed up, Tony asked to see her ID to see if indeed she really was Corie’s sister. It was true! They are indeed twins! Tony tells me that he couldn’t believe his luck and the only way it could have been better is if he would have been able to have them both at the same time. Tony asked Mimi why she didn’t come over when her sister first did and she answered that she always lets her sister do things first just in case things don’t go well, she wont have to go through it herself. I guess she uses her sister as a guinea pig of sorts.
Well since Mimi already knew she was going to have fun with Tony, she didn’t waste too much time with small talk; she stripped naked and was soon getting Tony’s attention. Mimi had heard from her sister how Tony’s oral sex was a great start to get her wet so she requested the same thing. Once she was ready and wet, Tony plunged bare-back into her young teen pussy and proceeded to pound away. After about an hour, he pumped his seed into her as well; Tony is sad that he didn’t knock up Corie 5 weeks ago because then he would have really hoped to have knocked up Mimi as well. As he said it “Can you imagine impregnating twin sisters?!”

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