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Name: Melissa
Age: 24
From: Los Angeles, California

TheStory: Melissa James is Tony’s younger sister’s friend. Tony’s sister, Rebecca, knows that Tony helps girls get into the modeling world but she doesn’t know all the dirty details; she just thinks he is a photographer. Recently, Melissa told Rebecca that she wanted to get into modeling and Rebecca mentioned that her brother, Tony, could help her get some head shots and glamour pictures. Rebecca told Tony and then sent her friend to his place so that he could take some pictures to help build her portfolio.

Tony tells me that his sister is protective of her friends and that she thinks that him hooking up with her friends is just wrong and she does things to make sure it doesn’t happen. He told me that he has only managed to hook-up once with one of her friends and that she didn’t find out. I guess that would be a weird sibling fight during family get togethers. Tony did tell me that he had met Mylissa in passing before and they had flirted lightly before being interrupted so when she showed up to his place, there was some sexual tension.

After taking some glamour shots( and some nude shots that won’t be mentioned to his sister) Tony started the video camera and had Melissa strip again. She wasn’t hesitant to strip for Tony although there might have been a few seconds when she realized that she and Tony could end up getting caught but they got busy really quick. From the looks of things, there was some serious chemistry as these two did some serious making out throughout the whole encounter. Tony filled her up with a huge load in the end and they talked about doing this again but it can’t be too often or else there might be trouble in the family.


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