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Name: Melanie Masters
Age: 18
From: Orange County, California

TheStory: Melanie Masters is a local girl who has always been interested in modeling but has found that her size has been somewhat of a roadblock. You see, she is only 4ft 9inches and weighs a mere 88 pounds! She is what we call a spinner; you can easily spin her around while having sex. Melanie found out that we are more than welcoming to a variety of female bodies and she asked if we would be willing to shoot her for her first photo shoot. I told her we would be more than happy to have her so long as she came with an “open mind”.

While doing the photo shoot later in the week, Tony found out that Melanie keeps her all natural body in shape by running two hours a day and that she is an avid skateboarder, specifically long-boarding everywhere she goes around her small town that she lives in. He also found out that she is generally very sexual and horny, masturbating up to three times a day! I think after finding that out, Tony knew that he would be getting some of her sexual energy later that night.

Sure enough, after getting Melanie to strip while doing the video interview, Tony felt it was time to touch her and work his way into getting more. After feeling her soft breasts and working his way to feel her bald pussy, Tony felt her getting warm and moist. Soon he did his oral trick and it wasn’t soon after that, that he was pounding her tiny, tight pussy. Tony tells me that it was Melanie is of the tightest girls he has fucked and that he had to try extra hard not to fill her up too soon. When he felt that he had pounded her enough, he let loose and spill his seed inside her. Looking at the video, I don’t even think he even bothered to ask her if it was ok.

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Lexi Brooks - Next Door Amateur

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