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Name: Megan Jones
Age: 20
From: Miami, Florida

The Story:

Megan is a friend of Dasani from Miami. She also is a dancer at a club in South Beach and she has a boyfriend who encourages her to fuck around. I contacted her thru Dasani while I was in Europe and I remember she sent me hot pics of her showing her pussy and getting fucked by some guy. She said she wanted to meet me when I made it to FL and to be on the site, so here I do Megan while her boyfriend is waiting outside in the lobby.

After being in the convention for couple of days, I talked to her and her boyfriend so that they would come to the hotel where I was staying. And the odd thing about this one was that I never met her bf, he just agreed to drop her off so I could fuck her and basically asked me to call him after I was done so he could pick her up. I guess he didn't want me to know who he was but he doesn't mind a lot of people knowing who his girlfriend is.

Anyway, I got Megan into my room and after a few minutes she was getting naked and horny. She said she had been anticipating this for months and that she was really looking forward to seeing herself on the site. She had a nice ass and a nice pussy too, must be the latin blood in her.


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