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Name: Megan
Age: 18
From: San Diego, CA

TheStory: About two weeks ago, Tony and his assistant, gave their pet sitter her first three-some which ended in her first creampie. Normally I wouldn’t post private encounters but I thought since this was her first creampie and that she didn’t mind, I would make an exception. The girl’s name is Megan and she is just a teenage neighborhood girl and not looking to do any type of modeling. She has known Tony and his assistant, and know what they do, for about a yearand they hire her when they go out of town scouting for girls.

Recently, Megan got dumped by her BF and she decided that she would make the best of the situation and take up the offer of having a threesome. She was aware that they like to make video and have bareback sex; even though her BF had done her bareback, he always pulled out because he was scared of knocking her up. She knew that Tony almost never pulls out, preferring instead to finish sex in the most natural way and she was looking forward to experiencing that for
the first time.

Tony and his assistant made sure to give Megan a memorable experience by having her be the center of attention; Tony fucked her while his assistant added to the pleasure. I’m not sure if they recorded everything, there seems to be a lot of breaks in the video so maybe they had some off camera time. Either way, Tony wanted to make sure to record his cum dripping out of her teen pussy, so he pumped his seed while Megan was on her back, her legs held open by his assistant.

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