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Name: Markee Marxx
Age: 20
From: Orlando, Florida

The Story: Marquetta or "Markee" as she likes being called is a girl from Florida who came to California to visit a friend out there. She is friends with Ivy and and she introduced her to me so she could be on the site too. I originally wanted to meet her in my last trip to Orlando but I busy with another girl I was visiting so I ended up just talking to her on the phone. We eventually kept in touch and recently she had some free time so she ended up coming to LA to visit California and to get a load of cum deep inside her :)

Tony picked her up from the airport and took her of her during her whole stay. The girl I date knew about this so she made sure I fucked her a lot so I wouldn't be so tempted to go meet up with Markee. And in the end, I didn't meet her and it was just Tony who had a blast fucking her during her visit. She has the type of body I like, so too bad I didn't get a chance.. oh well.


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