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Name: Madisson Scott (07/18/07)
Age: 18
From: Phoenix, Arizona

The Story: Madison is a cute girl from Arizona I recently interviewed at my new "recruiting" office that I set up to interview and audition models. She came to LA all the way from Arizona and she came to the office right after getting off the plane.

We had talked quite a bit on the phone and she knew what the whole thing was about. I told her she had to come in so I could see how personable she was and where she wanted to go with this nude modeling thing, etc.

Once she came to the office, I could see she was a bit intimidated since it made her feel like she was going to an job interview. But I talked to her more and she eventually relaxed more and more. It got to the point that she started telling me about her cheerleading and how she competed in nationals. And next thing you know, she is doing this really wide splits and I couldn't help but to start telling her to do more and more so I could see her spread her legs and show me her panties. I then just started video taping and I ended up fucking her in the office. I told her she "passed" the interview and that we could go back to my place to do the real video and that is what we did.

I fucked her and fucked her after that for hours and she eventually ended up staying at my place for the night. I liked how flexible she was and how she would open her legs really wide while I fucked her, she reminded me of a contortionist I used to date. Anyway. I ended up cumming for her multiple times and the next day I took her back to the airport. I told her I would come see her soon in AZ but haven't gotten around to it yet.. but boy I would like to be in that tight pussy again.


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