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On This Edition of Asian-man
Name: Lynn Love
Age: 21
From: Orlando, Florida

TheStory: Lynn “Love” contacted us after finding out what her younger cousin, Alexa, had done for the website. Turns out that when Alexa had come to town, she had stayed with Lynn and after having a good time with Tony, she went back and couldn’t keep the secret so she confessed the details to Lynn. Since Lynn attends college out here, she decided to see what the deal was with the website. At first, when she emailed me and mentioned her cousin, I thought I would be getting a hate email but it turns out she was interested in giving it a try as well. I let Tony know and had him set it up but warned him just in case.

When Lynn showed up to Tony’s place, Tony quickly saw that Lynn was not there to cause trouble but to also appear on the site like her cousin. Talking to Lynn, he found out that both girls are ethnically Columbian which explains the exotic look and outward sexuality. He quickly noticed that Lynn also had a nice ass, like Alexa, but that it was much fuller because she had wider hips. Anyways, Tony found out that Lynn is more sexually experienced than Alexa but that’s probably because she is 21(3 years older than Alexa). And unlike Alexa, who was a creampie virgin, Lynn normally loves to wrap things up the natural way, with a creampie.

Tony made sure to give Lynn the same attention that he had given Alexa so that as to not start any rivalry between the girls but Lynn said she wanted to make sure she had a better time (maybe this will cause Alexa to come back and try to out-do Lynn). When poor Tony couldn’t hold it in any longer, he casually pumped his seed into Lynn which in turn, she played with as it dripped out of her fertile pussy.


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