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Name: Lynn
Age: 18
From: Midwest

The Story:

Lynn is a cute girl from the Mid west that moved to California recently. I met her couple of months ago thru one of my ads on college papers and at first I was going to take pictures of her for my other project involving girls just getting naked or masturbating. And when I ended up meeting her to take only some naked pictures of her, I ended up fucking her. I then told her about the alternative to modeling solo and I showed her this site. So she was ok with it and I ended up shooting this video a few days after.

She looks so innocent and wholesome and to an extent she is. Lynn goes to college, studies a lot and she hopes no one will find out what she has been up to.. but she is such cute girl I'm sure she is going to become popular and I know she answered some other ad for video so who knows, she might end up actually doing "real" porn.

Anyway, I picked her up at her dorm the day of the shoot and I almost fucked her there. She happens to have a really hot roommate too I wouldn't mind doing. I then took her too my place and as usual I took some pics of her and then I started to fuck her. Her pussy was nice, wet, and tight and I couldn't wait until to cum for her. I fucked her for a while and then I unloaded a good cumshot inside her pink pussy. I then kept on fucking her some more throughout the day and took her back to her place after dinner.


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