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Name: Lizzy London
Age: 20
From: Los ANgeles, California

TheStory: Lizzy is a model that Tony was able to find who was willing to do nude modeling. She’s a 20 year-old local girl from right here in Southern California and Tony found her on a modeling site where models and photographers get in contact with one another. At first Lizzy wasn’t sure that Tony was a legitamate photographer, but then Tony sent her some references, some of the contact information from some of the other girls he photographed, and after she contacted them, she agreed to set up a photo shoot with Tony.

Lizzy thought that since it was a nude photo shoot or that Tony would supply her with whatever wardrobe he want her to wear, she showed up in her typical California girl attire; short jean shorts and a white tank top that proudly showed off her natural 36D titts. Tony likes that type of look, so he actually told her that he would shoot her in that outfit. When commenting on her titts, Lizzy admitted to Tony that she rarely wears bras, she likes showing off her great tits and only wears a bra when she absolutely has too. Lizzy also confided that she doesn’t have a current boyfriend and instead has sex with a few select guys on a regular basis.

When Tony offered to give her some oral, Lizzy was up for it and spread her legs for his tongue. Tony must have done a good job because soon, Lizzy was on her knees with his cock in her mouth. When Tony asked if she “wanted to fuck?”, Lizzy spun around on got in her favorite position and didn’t even bother to check whether or not Tony had slipped on a condom. I guess she was caught up in the moment to even care. I guess Tony also got caught up in the moment because he shot his load deep inside her without asking if it was OK first but she didn’t seem to mind too much.

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