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Name: Liz Black
Age: 22
From: Las Vegas, Nevada

The Story: Liz Black is a 22 year old from Las Vegas who has some interest in modeling but not quite sure how far she wants to take it. She heard about what we do from one of the other girls that has appeared on the website who also lives in Las Vegas. Liz drove down on the condition that we understood that she wasn’t sure how far she would want to go and not to expect anything. I passed the message along to Tony and told him what day and time to expect her to show up. I also reminded Tony about the tip I gave him when trying to seduce a girl; always perform oral sex on a girl first, any doubt or hesitation she may have about going further will most likely disappear if you give her good oral sex.

When Liz showed up, Tony began by saying that he understood that she wasn’t too sure about how far she would want to go during the shoot. He asked if she was comfortable enough to take some simple clothed shots and she said she was. Tony then said that she was welcome to keep going so long as she felt comfortable and that he would just keep taking pictures until she stopped posing. By letting her take control of the unknown situation, Tony made her feel comfortable enough to end up doing a nude photo shoot. Tony did the same thing during the video interview and by this time Liz was totally comfortable even agreeing to let Tony perform oral sex on her. And as I have always said, this usually does the trick. You can see from the video how much Liz enjoyed the oral sex, its obvious she wasn’t going to stop at just this even when Tony said he didn’t have any condoms.

While Tony and Liz fucked, she orgasmed twice which can be clearly seen when her face and chest become flushed red. The big surprise of the day came when Tony pumped her full of cum only to find out that she wasn’t on any birth control. Apparently when Liz told Tony that it was o.k. to fuck her without a condom, Tony assumed she was on birth control where in reality, she was just o.k. going bareback expecting him to pull out. On the plus side, she didn’t seem too upset so I think she will take care of things.


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