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Name: Linda
Age: 26
From: Northern California

The Story: Linda is a girl that found my site on the net while searching for porn. She got turned on by the entire concept and she ended up sending me a short email. So short of an email in fact, that at first I though it was just another guy with too much time on his hands. But when she got back to me with pictures and sent me her phone number, things changed. She started to text me on how much she needed cock inside her and how wet she was looking at the pics I sent her. And we ended up doing this text sex for about a week, until I decided to fly up there to meet her and take care of business.

And because there was so much anticipation to fuck her, the last thing I was thinking was to video the event. But couple of days before I left, I asked her if I could take pictures and videos of her and she was cool with it so here she is on video. Unlike most of my other shoots, I couldn't resist to fuck her right away when I met her, so what I did was place the video camera on one corner of the room and it taped as things happened. This was our first meeting and I wanted to capture the essence of it, and I think I did a pretty good job as you can see how much she needed cock from the start.

I fucked her on her lunch break, and took a bit long longer so she was late to get back to work. But during that time, I pounded her 1 week's worth of fucking and I saved up my load for her so I could shoot it deep into her. And after unloading once in her, I kept on fucking her until I came again. And too bad, she couldn't come back after work so I could keep pumping her with cum.

I let that same night to see another girl down by the bay and I hope next time I'm up north I will get me some of that fine pussy again.


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