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Name: Lily Anderson
Age: 20
From: West Hollywood, California

TheStory: So it seems Tony is on a streak with college girls. Last week he found yet another local, 20 year old college girl who has always wanted to give modeling a shot. Not wanting to make it a career but being curious enough to give it a shot, Lilly contacted him and asked what it would take to participate in a photo shoot. He told her that he specializes in working with amateur models and that as long as she came with a fun attitude, everything would go well. Tony set up an appointment as soon as she had some time off from studying because he suspected that she might get cold feet and change her mind.

When Lilly showed up, Tony put her at ease by showing her some of the other photo shoots that he has done with amateur models; of course he didn’t show her the sex photos, just the “solo artistic” ones. He then talked her through her first photo shoot and when that was done, Tony asked if she would be willing to do a short video to capture her personality. While interviewing her, Tony inqured about her exotic look and found out that she is of French-Indian decent. He then instructed her to show off her full titts and ample, round ass on video as she had done in the photo shoot and she complied.

Once she was naked, Tony took a gamble and asked to feel her natural titts; at first Lilly hesitated but then agreed after a moment. Tony noticed that her nipples were becoming erect and that meant she was getting turned on; he moved his hand to her shaven pussy and felt that it was very warm too. He jumped at the chance and quickly went down on her to seal the deal. It didn’t take much after that before he was bareback deep inside that exotic, college pussy. Tony assumed that Lilly was on birth-control like most other college girls are and pumped his sperm inside her after about an hour of fucking her. I sure hope his assumption is right.

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Lexi Brooks - Next Door Amateur

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