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Name: Lexxie Vegas
Age: 23
From: las Vegas, Nevada

The Story: Lexxie Vegas is a 23 year-old petite “spinner” originally from Boston who moved out to California a couple of years ago to try to break into modeling or acting. Things have been slow lately because of the economy so she is now looking into doing nude modeling as well. She got in touch with a couple of people who referred her to me, as I am known for working with a lot of new and inexperienced girls looking to break into nude modeling. After getting in touch with me through email and sending me a few photos of herself, I had Tony setup a day for her test shoot and interview.

Tony tells me that Lexxie showed up for her audition with a small mark on her titts given to her by her boyfriend, I guess he was worried that something may happen during the interview and he wanted to “mark” her. Well from what Tony told me, that didn’t work out as he had planned. Lexxie said during the interview that she wasn’t shy about getting naked when she had her clothes on, but she did become shy once she was completely naked. I think this may have to do with the fact that she gets horny when she gets naked as was evident when she took off her wet panties. Once she was naked, it didn’t take much to let Tony eat her pussy and it seems that’s all it took to get her going all the way.

Lexxie didn’t seem to concerned about her boyfriend situation; maybe she’s not too serious about him. Anyways, Tony says that they fucked all afternoon and when he couldn’t hold it in any longer, he shot deep inside her.


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