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Name: Lexii Sweet
Age: 19
From: Florida

The Story: Lexi is a college girl I met in Florida couple of months ago on one of my vacations down there. I met her on the internet and basically she just wanted to do something adventurous and fun to take her mind off school a bit. So after few weeks of contacting each other, I finally managed to get down there to visit her.

The original plan was to go to St Petersburg and do nude shots out by the beach. In fall, the beaches are not that crowded and the weather is still great so I had all these plans. But when we met up, we spent a lot of time talking and just never got around to seeing the beach since her place is close to an hour from St Petersburg. Anyway, so we talked and we got back to my place and I started to take pictures of her. And after a few still pictures, I started to eat her out. I loved tasting her pussy and I could tell she was enjoying a lot too. I then got my cameras and I started to fuck her. And she felt really good while I was deep inside her, she was tight and warm and I could feel how much she enjoyed my cock with every stroke. So I did her until I couldn't do her anymore and I came deep in her pussy, just the way she needed it.

The next day I had to leave town since I am always busy doing something. But we keep in touch and I missed her on my last visit to FL, but she is thinking of maybe coming to Cali for a visit so we'll see. I still want to go to the beach with her.


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