On This Edition of Asian-man
Name: Lexi Brooks
Age: 18
From: Los Angeles, California

TheStory: Lexi Brooks is a cute, 18 year-old, local, girl who found out what we do on the site from Charlie Ann who was here this month as well. As you may remember, Charlie Ann just started a cheerleading coaching job at a local highschool and Lexi Brooks just graduated from the same highschool. Lexi was last year’s head cheerleader and was asked to work with Charlie Ann over the summer so that Lexi could pass on the school’s cheer routines. Anyways, it turns out that Charlie Ann told Lexi about her encounter with Tony rather quickly and did such a good job of describing how good it was that it got Lexi wanting to try it too.

Lexi got Tony’s number from Charlie and sent him a text message asking if he would be willing to do the same thing to her. When she explained the story, Tony easily agreed, without seeing what she looked like, upon hearing that she was 18 and that she was last year’s head cheerleader. Tony gave Lexi his address and told her to come over whenever she was ready; she came over the next night because as she explained later, she didn’t want to chicken out later.

When Lexi showed up, Tony asked her if she was OK with going bareback since that is the only way Tony likes it and she said it was fine since he had done Charlie Ann that way too. I’m not sure if Tony told her that he would be filling her up with his cum either but since Charlie Ann told her ALL the details, I’m sure Lexi knew that it was going to happen. And it did. After pounding that young tight teen for well over an hour, Tony pumped his seed into her.

P.S. On a side note, Lexi mentioned to Tony that Charlie Ann had told her that she had just started her period so she did not get pregnant after getting creampied by Tony; maybe next time!


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