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Name: Lexi Bloom
Age: 21
From: Orange County, California

TheStory: Last week Tony went out on a date with a local college girl whom he met at his old college fraternity. The guys there like to invite him over to their parties because of his infamous adventures he has had with so many girls. Anyways, the girl he went out on the date with is named Lexi Bloom, is 21 and as I found out watching the video, claims to be 100% Persian. He told me he that told her that they would do dinner and a movie for the data and that’s exactly what they did!

After dinner, Lexi and Tony went back to his place and started playing around in his bedroom. He was able to convince her to let him photograph and video the sex and I assume she wasn’t to hard to convince since everyone at the party knew what Tony does. When Tony asked why she was so willing to go along, Lexi told him that college years are suppose to be wild and fun and that anything she does can be explained away easily later in life.

Once Tony was done taking some pictures and Lexi was naked, he dove right in between her legs to get her warmed up. It worked better than he expected and soon Lexi was having her first orgasm of the night. Lexi then jumped on Tony’s cock and they ended up fucking for about an hour in all kinds of positions. When Tony couldn’t hold back any longer, he positioned Lexi on her back and pounded her tiny pussy until he pumped his seed into her belly. Interestingly, Lexi had come prepared for that and told Tony that she had put some spermicide inside her pussy, but you can see Tony’s cum just “wash” it all out. Tony now wonders, what happens if a large amount of cum washes out the spermicide? Can too much cum cancel the effects of the spermicide? Anyone know?

Lexi Brooks - Next Door Amateur

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Lexi Brooks - Next Door Amateur


Lexi Brooks - Next Door Amateur

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