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Name: Sophie
Age: 23
From: Florida

The Story: Leilani is a cute girl from Montana I met around December and I've been doing her on and off camera since then, cumming inside her every single time. I first met Leilani on a website that she was putting together. Actually, it was more like a blog where she would write her thoughts and post pictures and what not. She had done some videos before, but she wasn't taking the whole adult modeling thing too seriously since she has a regular job. To her it was about having some fun that she missed out while growing up in Montana.

Anyway, after couple of weeks of planning she finally had to come up to LA to do some errands. And we finally had the chance to meet then. At first, I had her do a video for my female orgasm website and after talking some more and hanging out, we ended up totally hooking up that day.
We fucked on camera and off camera for hours and had it not been because she had to beat traffic to go back home Irvine, we could have gone much longer. I did her tight pussy really good and I came inside her couple of times. And I enjoyed doing her so much, I told her we had to get together on an ongoing basis.

After that time, New Years came and I went on vacation, and once back, we ended up hooking up again several times and it's been now almost five months since I've been doing her. In fact, I just had lunch with her just few hours ago.


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