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Age: 19
From: Tampa, Florida

The Story: Leihla is a girl from Tampa that was visiting California few months ago. She was here towards the end of summer and was here visiting and exploring the idea of being an adult model. And when I first saw her naked I was like wow! her tits are amazing, they are big but very firm and hot.. plus they tasted good too!! lol.

Anyway, after getting to know each other a little and getting comfortable we went back to my place to do the video. And I while I was taking pictures I was already hard. She would tease me with her tits and her pussy knowing very well how much I wanted her and when the time finally came, I fucked her with gusto. I fucked her a lot, on camera, off camera, later that night and I must have unloaded inside her pink pussy at least a dozen time in the couple of days we were hanging out. She went back home with her belly full of cum!

She was supposed to come to California again but kinda lost touch, so I assume she has a boyfriend now. Whoever she is with, I am sure he is having a great time fucking her.


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