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Name: Laney Boggs
Age: 21
From: San Diego, CA

TheStory: Laney is a cute petite college girl from San Diego I met a while back ago. One of her friends is actually a subscriber to the site and he actually put me in touch with her. At first, I thought it was going to be a long shot since he had just given me her FB information. But she was open to it when I first sent her a message and said she was fascinated about how these videos go. So I arranged for us to meet immediately and drove down to San Diego right away.

At first Laney was somewhat nervous (understandably) but she started to loosen up at bit after hanging out. She felt self conscious because of the number of beautiful girls on the site but I told her she was equally hot and that was why I had driven 120 miles to see her. So she felt good about that and we went back to the hotel where I was staying. Once there, I started with the usual pictures but before I could finish the set I couldn't help myself but put my cock inside her tight pussy. I was very turned on and she already knew I was going to unload inside her so that made it even hotter for me. So I fucked her for a little while and then shot a huge load of cum inside her pussy.. I finished the video and the pics and then kept on fucking her more with the lights off until I came inside her couple of more times. I just loved the idea of knowing how filled up with cum she was going to be the next day..lol.

Anyway, I left the next day and eventually we met up a few more times. And btw I gave a lifetime membership to the guy who refereed her and if you guys know of any girls who you think would benefit from a good load inside them just let us know!!


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