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Name: Lana Videl
Age: 18
From: Orange County , California

The Story: Lana is a girl I met couple of months ago who was very new to any type of modeling. She found me online and told me she wanted to apply for a model position, so I called her up immediately and had her come over to show me what she could do. She was very shy when I met her so I talked to her for a while and the first thing that we did was a solo video of her touching herself. Even then she was not fully at ease with the camera so it took her a while to get fully comfortable.

She said afterwards that she wanted to do more, like some of the other girls as she wanted to see "how far" could she go doing this. So I gladly helped her out and started to fuck her. Now, she is a tight girl, so tight my dick was hurting her because she thought it was thick (I'm average as far as I'm concerned, but I don;t know what she was used to). So in this video you will see me as gentle as I can be, fucking her almost in slow motion because she simply just could not take it. In fact, after like 5 minutes she was getting sore (I know, wtf??) but I kept on doing her gently so I could get the cum out of my cock and shoot it deep inside her tight pussy and after 20 minutes or so I just nutted inside of her as she was at that time convinced I was the longest lasting guy ever.

And the funny thing was that right before her I was with Rikki Love, who is craazy in bed, so this was like day and night. It's a hard job but someone has to step up and do it!


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