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Name: Laila
Age: 20
From: Sydney, Australia

The Story: Laila is one of the girls I met in my trip to Australia earlier in the year. I had not set anything up before going to Australia and I
basically started to send a bunch of emails once I got there, so I was pretty much winging it. And I got lucky and I got a few girls to reply to me to be on the site but since Australia is a huge country, it was impossible to meet all of them since the major cities are really far from each other. But Chrissy was actually within what seemed like a reasonable distance so we talked and I set up a date to go meet her in Armidale, in the New South Wales territory, about 4-5 hours from
Sydney. So after spending a few days in Queensland (Australia's equivalent to South Florida), I flew down to Sydney and I drove directly to her. However, unlike my trips in America and Europe, this was different since I didn't really know the country plus I had to drive on the wrong side of the road (for us Americans) for what I thought was 4-5 hours. But instead it ended up being more like 8-9 hours because of all the traffic getting out of Sydney, getting lost, etc. So I didn't meet up with Chrissy the night we had planned because
I got there too late, but we finally hooked up the following day after arriving really late at Armidale.. you guys will see the trip to Armidale on the video. That town by the way is a country town in the Australian outback, basically in the middle of nowhere.

Anyway, once I got there we went to the town's festival, hung out for a while. She basically has a very normal job back in Sydney (some people would be surprised if they knew) and she was in Armidale for the country festival her relatives wanted to attend, but she was really bored there and wanted some excitement. So we went back to my
place, talked a bit more and we started to go at it. I was excited about doing her bareback and cumming inside of her, especially since I
was in such far away place. So I did her and I really enjoyed doing her nice tight pussy and then shooting my cum in her.. it felt sooo good, it made the 8-9 hour drive all worth that moment!

And unfortunately after we met up, I had to leave to go back to Sydney so I could catch a flight to Melbourne to go meet a hot wife (Lara James on my HW site). Too bad I didn't have more time as I would have loved to do her some more. Next time I go to Australia (and no doubt I will go again), I will plan things out.


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