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Name: Kylie Richards
Age: 20
From: California

The Story: This was the second time (on camera) that I got together with Kylie. After the first time we got together on video, we got together several more times off camera. We were supposed to do a video in Miami by the beach but we never got around to it, instead we ended up going to the nude beach down there. Then after few weeks, I got back to LA and we made this video.  

I picked her up after work and took her back to my place and there she was just hanging out and watching porn (this girls loves to watch porn and masturbate as much as a guy does). She still had the tan on her and I thought she was looking beautiful, and after looking at some porn for a while she started to suck my cock on my bed. One thing I like about her is how vocal she is, especially when she is talking to me and sucking my cock at the same time. After doing that for a while, I ate her out to return the favor and then I just pounded her for a long time. I got the first of several cumshots that night on this video and I wanted to get the others too but that would have involved having the lights on all the time and multiple tapes, so I cut it after the first tape. Kylie is one hot lay plus she is a cool girl to hang out with.  

And going forward, I am hoping to hire her part time as my secretary/assistant while she goes to school and who knows, maybe she’ll help me film some videos too. Too bad she is not so much into girls, it would be hot to see her do other girls while I participate too :)


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