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Name: Kylie Richards (08/15/07)
Age: 21
From: California

The Story: I don't think I need to introduce Kylie since probably most of you guys already know about her by now. But to give a short recap, I met Kylie around this time last year and we fucked on and off for few months until she found herself a nice monogamous boyfriend. She is a nice girl and very sexual too, so I miss her when I see these pictures.

And I actually called her up couple of days ago just see how she is doing. I an assuming that she is with the same boyfriend since last time I talked to her couple of months ago. But I just wanted to see how the girl is doing since I genuinely cared about her well being.

Anyway, here is Kylie at my place sometime earlier this year. We were hanging out watching a movie and we shot this video to fuck around.


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