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Name: Kylee Reese (10/10/07)
Age: 19
From: Reno, NV

The Story: I met Kylie thru one of her best friends (Claire James), who I did late last year for my other site. She told Kylie about what had happened on her trip to LA and she showed her the site and what she did with me and my friend. She was very excited about and we ended up talking on the phone around the time Claire showed her. But because she was in Reno, I never got a chance to go meet her and it was not until a few months after that Claire and her came to LA to stay for few months that we finally hooked up.

She came to my place with Claire and we started to party a little bit. But because Claire had some boyfriend/date waiting, Kylie stayed at my place and then we ended up doing this video of us. After Claire left, we started to talk some more and after a while we started to fuck on the couch. She has a pretty pink pussy and that very tight too, so I really enjoyed showing my cock in that tight pussy of her. She almost made me cum in the first few minutes I remember.

We were at it until that evening and I ended up giving her couple of loads. She then wanted to go out to some party but I was too tired so she left and I haven't seen her since. She is a wild girl and I'm sure we'll cross paths again one of these days and I will give her and Claire a few more loads deep inside their hot pussies.


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