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Name: Kyleigh Ann
Age: 18
From: Bakersfield, CA

TheStory: One thing I have learned about girls is that they do gossip about sex. They may not admit it easily, but when a girl has a good sexual experience, she will share it with friends, especially if it was just a sexual, non-emotional hook up. I guess boyfriends don’t get talked about if they are good at sex because other girls might try something; but strangers are fair game. This is how Tony came to hook up with Kyleigh Ann. As it turns out, Kyleigh Ann is a friend of Kara, they both just graduated from the same high school, and she was really interested in coming out to try out what Kara had done the week before. For some good reason, when girls are finally 18 and leaving home for the first time, they go wild and will try just about anything. Maybe this is why Tony as more luck picking up girls that are from out of state, than the less adverturous girls who stay local.

Anyways, although Kyleigh looks very young and is very petite, she turned 18 earlier this year and I guess the braces and the fact that she is less than 5ft tall kind of throws people off her true age. Kyleigh showed up to Tony’s place wearing a cute top, jeans and some very cute white panties that got Tony really worked up. Since her friend had already given Tony a “not a creep” thumbs-up, Kyleigh was relaxed as Tony started with the nude modeling photos and interview. Kyleigh knew what was going to happen next so, on her own, she dropped to her knees soon after getting naked and took Tony in her mouth as soon as he put the camera on the tripod.

Kyleigh eagerly sucked on Tony’s cock, getting him nice and hard so he could penetrate her easily and deeply. Tony fucked Kyleigh in several different positions, making sure to fully enjoy her young, tight, teen body; he told me that he had to fight off the urge of cuming too soon several times. Eventually though it overwelmed him and he pumped his seed deep into Kyleigh. He still doesn’t ask the girls and this was the case again this time, although in his defense, Kara should have told Kyleigh how it was going to end. I guess we will find out what the results of this omission will be in about a month or so.

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