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Name: Kitty
Age: 20
From: California

The Story: Kitty is a girl a member of this website found in some party. He is involved with setting up parties for well known people in Hollywood and he ended up talking to her and finding out she wanted to do adult modeling. He told her he could help since he knew about what I did so he contacted me and told me about the girl. He showed her the website and within a few days they came together to my place so she could try out.

Kitty was all excited about it and she didn't care much about getting it bareback or getting cum inside of her. So when tey arrived, I started to take pictures of her and then we started to fuck her. She is slutty so she was having fun with all the attention she was getting. We fucked her a bit in the living room and eventually moved her to my bedroom where we both finished by cumming deep inside her pussy.

She has since asked me to do more videos but we haven't gotten around to it. She told me she enjoyed the idea of being full of cum and that she wanted to do more next time. So we'll see about making that a reality.


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