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Name: Kimberly Woods
Age: 21
From: Florida

The Story:Kimberly is a model I met in Miami few months ago when I was there on vacation. I met her thru a friend who had helped me scout for girls that I could add to my site and he found her. I got her number and I got in touch with her and explained to her what I was doing and how the whole site thing would be if she decided to pursue it. So when I got to Miami, I met up with her near her home for lunch and I showed her my "portfolio". Which basically consist of pictures I've taken over the years, many posted on this site and many that never got published. And Kimberly was impressed with my experience, so she wanted to be on of the girls and we arranged another meeting later that same day. And of course I told her that it was a must that I fuck her bareback and that I cum inside of her and she was all good with that, so we ended up meeting few hours after.

After coming to my room, we had couple of drinks first to relax since she was excited but yet nervous, specially since I had just met her and had not really had a lot of time to talk. So I made sure she was relaxed and comfortable before I started. Once she was more relaxed, I started to give her a massage on the bed and I ended up undressing her during the process. My cock was so hard at that point and I made sure she felt it on her ass while I massaged her back. After that, I knew she wanted to fuck already. So I took a few snaps and I basically started to fuck her while taking pictures. I grabbed her petite waist while shoving my cock deep inside her. I fucked her hard at first so I could feel like I was fucking her deep and after a while I started to pace myself so as to not cum too fast. And I just fucked her for about an hour or so and gave her a deep load inside her. I wanted to actually fuck her ass too afterwards, but she was too tight there and was hurting.. so we aborted the anal expedition.


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