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Age: 21
From: Cincinati, Ohio

TheStory: Keri is a 21 year-old recent transplant to southern California by way of Ohio. Tony met her in the parking lot of a beach and noticed her out of state license plates on her car. He struck up a conversation by welcoming her to California and she wanted to know if he knew she was a visitor because she stuck out; he pointed to her plate and she laughed. Tony learned that when she was younger she dreamed of becoming a moving out to Los Angeles to become a blonde beach bunny as she had seen on television shows. Tony jumped at the chance and asked her if she would like to do some modeling and then saw her face light up with enthusiasm.

Later that night, Keri went to Tony’s place and he was extremely pleased to see her and what she has shown up wearing. Keri knows she has that sexy blonde look and goes out of her way to show it. She was wearing a very tight little dress that showed off her great ass; Tony told me that she actually had him stuttering a bit! Keri is a fun-loving, free-spirit type of girl and getting her naked in front of his camera was no problem at all.

When Tony saw her freshly shaved pussy, he knew that she had shaved earlier so she probably expected that something was going to happen. Tony fingered her slit and asked if she would mind having her pussy licked. After getting her to reach her first orgasm, Keri didn’t need anymore convincing to go all the way; she bent over to show off that great ass and Tony slid inside. Some time later having getting fucked different ways, Keri asked Tony to cum inside her; he was more than happy to fulfill her request and pumped his seed deep inside her. Keri loves to get creampied and you can see her face light up as Tony shooting his load inside her.

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