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Name: Kensey Knox
Age: 18
From: Seattle, Washington

The Story: Kensey is a girl from Seattle that my friend "RIS" found couple of months ago. Apparently Kensey found out couple of her girlfriends had done some modeling and she decided she wanted to do it too. So she ended up contacting my friend and as soon as she became legal she went to his house and he ended up fucking her on and off camera. And then he put me in touch with her so she could come visit California for a vacation and for an adventure down here. I ended up talking to her quite a bit and it was really hard for me not to fuck her as she not only is playful and slutty but she is very willing to try anything. So in the end, once Kensey arrived in California I had Tony do all the pictures and videos since I knew if I saw her in person I would end up fucking her. And from the video I can tell Tony had a great time doing her. He told me he fucked her on and off camera and ended up pumping her pussy full of cum multiple times. In fact, she was ready for more guys to come by but it never happened. So who knows, next time she is in town we will be seeing more of her.
Dealing with girls like Kensey is hard. I am like an alcoholic that owns a bar and is just so tempting to do every one of these girls. I guess good thing I had a girlfriend at a time because I would not have been able to control myself.


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