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Name: Kelly
Age: 22
From: France
TheStory: Kelly is a French girl who came out here to study. And if I remember correctly, I don't think we've had someone from France on the site in almost 10 years? so when I found Kelly and she told me she was French, I knew I had to get her and do her myself :)

I met Kelly not far from where I work as she actually goes to the same school I went to many (as in many!) years ago. And at first I wasn't sure she was going to do it as I couldn't really read her, in fact I wasn't even sure she liked me for that matter. But I tried my best at explaining the whole thing and how this was an adventure she had to have since she is so far away from home and she went for it with some hesitation. Once we got to the room she was more relaxed and we started doing this video.

I took her clothes off slowly and I made sure I didn't rush into it. And once I went down on her, I could sense how horny she really was underneath that nervous look. And when I started to fuck her, we had a really good time.. we fucked and fucked for a long time and I even tried doing her in the ass but she was too tight so it hurt her. But regardless, I creamed her couple of times and while I'm not sure if she will do a video again. I would love to fuck her again..




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