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Name: Kaylyn (08/29/07)
Age: 23
From: Indiana

The Story: I met Kaylyn earlier this year when she was visiting California for a modeling convention. She started modeling for mainstream stuff when she was 18 and she slowly moved in the more erotic stuff recently. However, this is her first time on video actually having sex, so I lucked out when I found her.

I basically wanted Kaylyn to be on my girl climaxing site at first. But when I talked to her on the phone she sounded very comfortable with the camera and I just suggested that maybe she should try doing a sex video with me instead. She laughed it off at first but we got together few days after and she was ok with it after seeing what a nice guy I am :) She is from the Midwest and a very nice girl, which turned me on even more.

Anyway, once I got her to my place. I took the usual pics as fast as I could and then I went down on her to calm her down. She was a bit nevous at first, but like most girls, once that camera is on a tripod and my cock is inside them they relax and forget about it. I fucked Kaylyn for a good while and I gave her fertile pussy a hot load. Thinking about makes me want to go to the Midwest and find me more girls like her.


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