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Name: Kaylee (08/29/07)
Age: 19
From: Jackson, MS

The Story: I met Kaylee thru one of subscribers to this site few months ago. The member emailed me one day and told me I could probably hook up with someone he had found online, so I asked him for the contact information and I started to talk to her. She was very excited about being on the site and since I am from California, she had fantasies of coming out to LA and what not. In many places in the US and the world for that matter, being from California is a big plus.

Anyway, I had just finished doing some business in Florida and I was on my way to LA. But I arranged for me to stop in Jackson to meet Kaylee for an "interview". She came to the place where I was and we met at a restaurant nearby. We talked a lot about LA and her life in MS, etc. and at the end of the night, she was ready to come back to my hotel. We fooled around in my rental car outside of the restaurant for a while and then went back to my room.

Once there, we started taking pictures and I basically just started to fuck her before I could finish up with all the poses. She was horny and wet and I had a hard on for most of the night. I fucked her good and I came several times with Kaylee. She spent the night at my room and I did her thoughout the night and early in the morning too before going to the airport to catch my flight back to LA.


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