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Name: Kassity
Age: 21
From: Las Vegas, NV

The Story: I met Kassity a few months ago on the internet while browsing for girls who were interested in getting into adult modeling. Originally, she told me she just wanted to do girl on girl stuff or solo but I told her that in order to be on my sites it  would be a lot better if she was willing to do more. And after couple of days of emailing each other, she agreed to be on this site with the condition that she is not publicized so much. And that is something I am willing to work on, so I told her she would not be posted everywhere on the net but only on my sites.

Another issue was the creampie. I told her I HAD to cum inside her and basically she said that if on the day we met she still was not on birth control, that I could fuck her in the ass and cum inside her there. So I went to Vegas the week after and met her up by her house. And we got along so well in the car we started to fuck around inside it. And since the car rental agency gave me a van instead of a car, I had plenty of room to fuck her in the back. And I taped some of it. Then we got back to my hotel room and I shot more video of her. I first had her strip tease for me a little and I had her get down on her knees to suck cock. And after doing that for a while, I just started to fuck her everywhere. She told me I could cum inside her pussy if I wanted to, but was in the ass mode that day and I fucked her ass the most. And after fucking her for a good while, I unloaded a big lod deep inside her asshole.  It was so hot, I took some pics of it after I was done and we kept on fucking. I kept on fucking her ass that day until I couldn't get it up anymore.

After our encounter, I dropped her off back home just in time before some guy she was dating came to pick her up (guy didn't know what she had just done). Goes to show, girls will do a lot of crazy shit now days that most of us men are completely clueless about.


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