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Name: Kara Finley
Age: 18
From: Jackson Mississippi

TheStory: Now that Tony has a female assistant, he tells me that finding girls to appear on the website has become a bit easier. He says that when Addy is with him, the girls are more receptive to the idea of nude modeling and when they find out that she will be there during the shoot, they usually make their mind up right there and then. Not only does Addy like to see Tony creampie other girls, she actually likes going “hunting” to find new girls for him to creampie. Of course, since she sometimes gets to play with the girls as well, there is that incentive for her as well. What a nice arrange Tony has found for himself. Anyways, they were on the “hunt” together this way when they found and approached a friendly young girl.

Kara Finley is a barely-legal, southern girl who just turned 18 last month, 5 weeks ago to be exact and who may still be in high school( or should be ) based on the conversation she had with Addy while making small talk. Kara had dreamed of being a model like most girls do, but she wasn’t that confident of her appearance so when Addy offered her the chance to model, Kara agreed even if it would be nude modeling. They had Kara come over to Tony’s place and began by taking some clothed photos and starting the video interview. When Tony asked Kara if she like girls and she replied “yes”, that was Addy’s cue to join in.
Addy began to “help” Kara strip and that soon turned into some heavy girl on girl action; this is the way it went from just “nude” modeling to full blown sex. By time Tony pulled out his cock, Kara was completely seduced by the situation. Kara got on her knees and, with Addy supervising, took Tony in her mouth; Addy made sure that Kara did a good job getting Tony ready. Soon Kara had Tony’s bare cock inside her young, fertile pussy without a care in the world. When Addy sensed that Tony was close to cumming, she arranged herself behind Kara so that she could hold this sweet teen’s legs wide open to make sure that Tony’s seed would go deep inside Kara.

Tony soon began filling Kara up and from what I know, didn’t bother to ask her or ask her if she was on birthcontrol. It turns out that this was Kara’s first creampie; she had made the 4 other guys she has had sex with, wear condoms. I think this female assistant thing might be something good.

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