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On This Edition of Asian-man
Name: Kali Kensington
Age: 20
From: Los Angeles, California

TheStory: Kali Kenzington is a 20 year-old girl from right here in LA. She contacted me and asked what she had to do to be on the website with Tony; most girls don’t ask for Tony by name so that struck me as odd. It also struck me as odd that she had seen the website and already was planning for sex with Tony. I asked her to email me some pictures just to make sure she was attractive enough to appear on the website. Upon seeing her lithe body and pretty blue-eyed face, I replied back to her and copied Tony to make sure they set things up as soon as possible; some girls get cold feet and back out if you give them too much time to contemplate.

Kali showed up to Tony’s place wearing a short black dress with some “fuck-me” heels so there was no doubt in anyone’s mind what she was planning for. Tony went ahead and ran the photo shoot as usual but Kali was more interested in getting Tony inside her. Tony sensed this and got the video camera going as quick as possible. Even though the oral sex was good, Kali really wanted Tony inside her and ask him if she could ride him. Tony fucked this thin hot girl for about 45 minutes before feeling her with his seed only to find out that she is not on birth control.

Even though she promised to take care it things the next morning, we have learned that she did not and this might have been her plan all along. I guess it should have been a warning sign when she seemed too eager to go bareback and get creampied by Tony. So it looks like we have our first girl who was out to get impregnated on purpose by Tony.


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