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Name: Kacey  Age: 21

Location: Los Angeles visiting from Florida

The Story: Last time I creampied Kacey was in Orlando about a year ago and I remember I got so excited I just really deep in her, so deep there was no cum leaking out of her pussy as it got lodged somewhere deep inside her, something which I really love doing in my off camera sex life, but since we are talking about a creampie video it was not that good that most of the cum got lost in her.

So this time I made sure I would not make the same mistake with her. For one, I saved up my load for Kacey's pussy when she called me and told me she was going to be in town visiting a school she wants to go to. I jerked off looking at the video we did before a few days before she was in town and when she finally arrived, I was ready to fill her with hot warm pussy with lots of cum.

I picked her up at the airport and she did her school thing first but I didn't do anything with her until we shot this video. Kacey has that wholesome pretty girl next door look to her and that has always been a big turn one for me.  So when we finally got around to going back to my place, I was very ready to fuck her. She has this idea of funding her schooling with a website and she even reserved a name and all but like most other girls I have met, she wanted to get content and what not so we took a bunch of pretty girl pictures, etc.

And after we were done with those pictures we started to fuck. She first teased me telling me how her pussy had been waiting for my cum while she sucked on my cock and after a few minutes of that we started going at it. I almost lost in in the first few minutes but I wanted this creampie to be one big load so after fucking her for a good while I unloaded my cum inside her. And this time not only did I not shoot it too deep but I had quite a big saved so I finally did a proper creampie with her. After that load was in, I scooped the cum and used it as lubricant to fuck her some more but the next cumshot was really deep in her and that one again did not come out.. she just has this deep cum hungry pussy that swallows cum.



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