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Name: Julissa
Age: 18
From: Florida

The Story: Julissa is a beautiful girl I met in Florida couple of months ago when I was down there fucking around. I had just gotten to Miami and before going to a swing club in Ft Lauderdale, I went to a club nearby where I first met Julissa. She was the most beautiful girl there and I started to give her my best website picth and she was open to the idea of trying it out. She had done some nude modeling before actually, so this was like a natural step up.

After meeting her that night, I did my thing in Florida and did some other girls and it was not after about a week that I met up with Julissa again to shoot this video. I picked her up at her place and then we went to go get something to eat, and after that I took her a business park nearby and I started to take pictures of her and to basically fuck her a little inside and outside the car. There wasn't anyone around, so we were at it for a few minutes. We then went back to the place where I was staying and I shot the rest of the video there.

Julissa is very pretty and she is somewhat shy but curious at the same time. And at the hotel I got so carried away fucking her that I forgot to take a lot of pictures I would normally take during one of my videos. I was too concentratred on fucking her and I made sure I fucked her a lot that night before taking her back to her place. She had such nice tight pussy that it was hard not cumming in her in the first few minutes. But I didn't let it go that easy, and I made sure I gave her lots of cum.. when I went to drop her off, I started to finger her and she still had cum dripping out her pussy.  


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