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Name: Jordan Denae
Age: 21
From: Las Vegas, Nevada

TheStory: Jordan Denae comes to us from a small town right outside of Las Vegas, Neveda. In the past she has worked as a model at the trade shows held in Vegas as a “booth bitch”, these are the girls that are dressed sexy, manning the booths, meant to grab peoples attention. It sounds like a harsh name, but these girls came up with it themselves and it just another way of saying “ sexy bitch”. Anyways, with the economic slowdown stil not over, Jordan decided to get into modeling to see where that might lead.

Jordan admits to being a little vain and loves being in front of a crowd or in front of a camera. She likes knowing that people are“wanting” her. We found her on a modeling site and asked if she would be interested in doing some nude modeling. She said she would so long as it was to be very professional. I told Tony to make sure he scheduled for a day when his assistant would be there to make it seem as professional as possible.

When Jordan showed up for the photo shoot, she was happy to see that Tony assistant was a female; Jordon admitted that she like both men and women. At the start of the nude video portion of the shoot, Tony asked if he could touch Jordan, and she replied that only if Tony’s assistant would touch her first. I guess she didn’t know that Tony’s assistant is into girls as much as Tony is. In an instant she was swarmed with hands. I guess that must have pushed Jordan into her sexual spot because she started doing more than just posing.

What started out as a simple nude photo-shoot turned into a full blown threesome, with Tony doing both girls at the same time. After about an hour, Tony’s assistant sensed that Tony was ready to spill his seed so she positioned Jordan in such a was so that she could help hold Jordan’s legs open for Tony. When Tony told the girls that he was going to cum, Jordan actually asked him to cum inside her and sure enough, Tony obliged her. I think all three of them were so into the sex, that no one brought up the issue of birth-control at all so we will have to wait and see how that turns out.

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