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Name: Jordan Star
Age: 19
From: Florida

The Story: Jordan is a pretty girl my friend did instead of me few months ago. She is from Florida and is friends with some of the girls I have done down there. And I asked her to come visit me when she was in California so she did but I wasn't around when she arrived. So instead my friend Tony picked her up from the airport and took her of her. He took her shopping, showed her around, and fucked her I don't know how many times. He was all happy when he gave me the video. And btw, I've never introduced my friend properly but we got back a while, more than 10 years actually. We met because we used to go to the same nightclub every Saturday chasing pussy and since we were there all the time, we eventually talked and shared tips and information. And he actually was the person who told me about the swinging lifestyle and swing clubs. And back then we used to wonder how we could do those hot girls in adult videos. Little did we know we would end up doing a LOT of beautiful girls. Not only that but just how we got in porn too as we got into shooting about the same time thru a series of odd coincidences. If anything I would say we were destined to do this and us being friends was part of this bigger plan which is still unfolding.
Anyway, I never got to do Jordan but I still have some hope that I will fuck her too when I go to Florida in the not too distant future.


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