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Name: Jodi Taylor
Age: 21
From: California
TheStory: Jodi is a beautiful girl that came to California originally from the Pacific Northwest. She sent us some pictures originally to see if you could try out for the site and when I saw her I knew I had to meet her myself. She is a tall and naturally beautiful girl who could easily do mainstream modeling (and as has actually) and most importantly very sexual and adventurous. So few days after we first started communicating, I went to pick her up to take some pictures and some video of her.

I wasn't sure at first if the pictures she had sent me where actually all natural as some people use make up to make girls look natural. But when i got there I could see Jodi was the real deal right away, just beautiful all over and with a great personality too. So we hit it off right away and everything went as planned. So I took some pictures of her at a nearby building and as tempted as I was to start doing stuff there, I used some common sense and took her to a hotel where we went all out.. I fucked this girl all afternoon and evening and I still wanted to fuck her some more. I video taped most of the beginning of our encounter but at one point I ran out of tape.. so the end is kinda cut off a bit as I hard to rewind and tape the creampie ending. Next time I have to bring extra tape!




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