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On This Edition of Asian-man
Name: Jiyade
Age: 22
From: Atlanta, Georgia

TheStory: Jiyade is an exotic looking girl who Tony has been spending some time with lately. From what he tells me, Jiyade is originally from somewhere in eastern Europe but that she emigrated to the US, Georgia specifically, back when she was very young. She moved out to L.A. to go to college and stayed here after graduation a few years back. Anyways, Tony told me that the other night, he took her out to the techno-club and that they had a wild time; he said they did a lot of “dirty-dancing and maybe drank too much”. I asked Tony if he fucked her that night and he sheepishly responded “no”. He told me they both passed out as soon as they laid on the bed.

The next morning, though, he decided to get the cameras out and asked if she was up to some on-camera fun so they could have memories for later. She was OK with the idea but I wonder if she is OK with it being up on the website. I think she must be OK with it or else why would Tony have given me the tape and pictures. Or maybe they had a falling out? I’ll ask him later.

Tony snapped some pictures of Jiyade in her cute pink panties and matching short T-shirt that she uses as pajamas; this is the type of sleepwear all girls should wear…or maybe less! Tony seemed to be in a hurry to get her naked and I suspect seeing her nice “camel toe” really motivated him to get between her legs. Jiyade and Tony fucked for about 45 minutes before he was ready to pop. When he told Jiyade that he was going to cum, she understood that he was also asking where he could spill his seed. She was very proper and polite and asked him to fill her belly with his seed, which he happily did.

UPDATE: Jiyade and Tony did have a falling out when she found out about all the girls Tony fucks. Let hope she doesn’t find the site.


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