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Name: Jewel  Age: 18

Location: Los Angeles visiting from Florida

The Story: Jewel is Britney Jayís cousin who is also from Florida. When Britney called me to let me know her cousin was going to visit LA and that she might want to be on the site to try it out, I was very excited. I had seen pictures of her and Britney before so I knew she was hot. But since I didnít really know her, I had to wait until she came out and talk to her and she if she wanted to try this website deal. And when I finally met her, she turned out to be a really sweet girl who at the same time loves to fuck a lot. Britney had told me she was a horny girl but I just couldnít guess by looking at her pictures. 

So after going out with Jewel and showing her the beach (like I did with Britney) we started to fuck around. I fingered her right on the Venice sidewalk by the beach and she sucked my cock there behind some bushes AND she made sure she completed the job by swallowing every single drop.. right outside, in the open. I didnít have my camera with me when we did it but it would have been great footage. After that, I showed around some more and then we ended up at my place to do this video.

I took some pictures of her and would fuck her in between taking pictures and then I just started to roll camera. Jewel has a nice tight pink pussy that wrapped around my cock just perfectly. In fact, she was so tight I could even feel it when sticking my finger in her. Anyway, I started fucking her on my couch for a while and then I ended up fucking her some more in my bedroom where we both came several times. She was afraid of getting pregnant so she started to take pills just a few days before but before me she said she would never let guys cum in her. So I guess I found myself a creampie virgin this time and the thought of it turned me so much, I kept on fucking and fucking until my balls and my dick could no longer function and then I just went to sleep.. nothing better than getting drained by a hot girl and then going to sleep.


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