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Name: Jessie Blozs
Age: 19
From: Los Angeles, California

TheStory: Jessie is a 19 year-old that goes to the art college across the street from where Tony lives. Tony told me this college is about 85% female and that they offer some type of multi-media degree there that involves video, editing and website creation; maybe I should go there and post for an intern! Anyways, Jessie told Tony that she saw his lighting equipment through his window when she was going to one of her partner’s apartment for a meeting on their most recent assignment. Thinking that the lighting equipment belonged to a fellow classmate, she knocked on the door to see how their project was going. Tony told her that he didn’t go to the art college but that he did work on many video projects, editing and some website work.

Jessie saw a chance to get some help with her assignments and she asked Tony if he would help her with her work and she would return the favor. Tony agreed and told her that he could use her for his next project. Tony interviewed Jessie and found out that she is from San Francisco and that she has her own style; looks gothic to me with her black fingernails. When Tony asked Jessie to take some clothes off, she went ahead and took everything off without hesitation. Art school girls are so open minded!

Tony told her he would show her a trick and proceeded to lick and taste her teen pussy. Jessie returned the favor and soon they were both fucking bareback. Tony told me that there wasn’t any talk of condoms or birth control and that in the end, he shot his seed inside her. On the video, she seems happy and unconcerned so I’m going to assume that this is not a new experience for her and that getting pumped full of cum is her usual thing.


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