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Name: Jessica Florentino
Age: 24
From: Europe

The Story:

I know Jessica from an on and off boyfriend that she has in Germany. He is also involved in the "adult entertainment"  and he introduced me to her couple of years back when I was at the Venus fair in Berlin. Jessica was living in Italy at the time and she was in Germany doing some modeling and spending time with her guy. And I never really tried to get her for the site since I know her now ex boyfriend would probably get weirded out.

However, they ended up breaking up not long ago and I was in Europe. So when I called him up to see if he knew of any girls I could feature on my site, he mentioned Jessica and gave me her number. So I contacted her and asked her to be on the site. She told me she had not been doing much of these videos anymore but that she would do it for me since she wanted to fuck back in Germany the first time we met. So, I arrange my trip and I went to meet Jessica.

And I do have to admit it was a bit strange because her ex boyfriend had referred to me and since they were not really swingers, I wondered about how he would feel when he found out I actually did her. Even though he referred her to me. But I was able to put that aside for a while and I ended up meeting up with Jessica for drinks at the city square. We talked about a lot of stuff and after a while we came back to my hotel room where I did this video. When she got naked, I was like WOW.. she is so naturally curvy and sexy, she was born to fuck.. literally. And I did her couple of times that night and filled her up with lots of friendly luv.


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