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Name: Jessica Dalton
Age: 18
From: Orlando Florida

The Story: This girl looked so innocent it almost made me feel guilty. She is a girl from Orlando, Florida who was in California few months ago. She was visiting because a major men's magazine flew her out so she could pose for them. I first met her in Florida but I didn't do anything with her then, so when I found out she was going to be in town, I called her up so we could get together.

She lost her virginity not all that long ago so she is still in her exploration phase. And this trip out here was part of it. So when I did the video with her I was more on the gentle side. That plus I took her out first and made her feel comfortable before doing anything, with girls like her I usually take my time so they can have a good time as well.

Anyway, after going out and taking her back to my place, I did this video with her. She was so tight and wet and just looking at her made me want to cum. I did her gently for a while and then when she started to get sore, I started to cum for her.

She was supposed to visit again but she hasn't been in touch, so I suppose she found a boyfriend or something.


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