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Name: Jenny Lee (07/04/07)
Age: 22
From: South

The Story: This was the second time I got together with Jenny Lee on video. Few weeks after the first time that we got together, she was again in LA doing some modeling thing for a magazine and we had a chance to hook up again.

She is one of the most beautiful girls I've ever had on camera but I have to say that she is also the most challenging. Since she is a mainstream model, she is really preocupied with the way her pictures and videos come out. So she is such perfectionist that it makes it really difficult to just have sex on camera. Off camera we were having a great time since we spent most of the afternoon fucking around in my room. But once that camera was on, she needed to be in control of the angles, etc, etc. So the video is not all that long or great because at one point I had to turn it off.

Anyway, aside from the camera issue, I had a great time with her. She is really down to earth and really Southern in many ways. And I hope I can see her again soon next time I am passing by her city as I love fucking her. Next time maybe I'll just take the still camera but no video. I even backed off from the idea of helping her with a site because of her obession with her image on camera.


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