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On This Edition of Asian-man
Name: Jenny Anderson
Age: 18
From: Las Vegas, Nevada

TheStory: Two weekends ago, Tony went to Las Vegas to look into buying a condo since he heard there are some great deals out there right now. While taking a tour of the complex, he decided to meet his two neighbors to either side of his unit to see what kind of people they were. One of the units was empty but on the other side, lives a tiny, 20 year-old girl from Russia who he said was really friendly. He told me that her name is Jenny, and that she is a “spinner” type of girl; she is under 5ft tall and barely weighs 85 lbs. During their conversations, Tony told her about what he does to see if she was open minded or a prude. She didn’t seem shocked and even asked what the website was. Before he left , he gave her an open-ended invitation if she ever wanted to try it.

A few days ago, Jenny decided to take Tony up on the offer since I think she likes him; what she doesn’t know is that Tony likes doing what he does to ever settle for just one girl. She drove down to LA and met up with Tony at his place. Since she knew what was going on, Tony started working the cameras soon after she got there. He helped her undress and was really excited when he guessed right that she wore XS underwear because she is so tiny. Tony tells me that he has a fetish for spinner type girls because they have tiny tight pussies.

Tony took some time playing with Jenny’s tiny pussy before diving in to taste her. She soon returned the attention and its amazing to see Tony’s cock disappear into her tiny head when she sucks him. Tony soon stretched out her tiny pussy with his bareback cock and fucked Jenny in all kind of positions. After about an hour, Tony couldn’t hold it in anymore so he let loose and filled her pussy with cum which then oozed out. Jenny later told Tony that he can fill her up everyday if agrees to be exclusive with her, but we all know that is not going to happen.


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